Taking time to think, muse, ponder. Who does that??

A Progetti cuckoo clock. Someday I’d love to own one … sigh.

Well, as it turns out, not enough people. We all need to take a moment, have a moment. It helps us de-stress, calms us, brings our innate wisdom to the forefront. For some, it seems like a deliciously decadent thing to do. No wonder people sigh when they think about Making Time for Themselves!

If you’re of a Certain Age, you know that with advancing years comes perspective and, yes, Wisdom. But often we can’t access the power of our long view unless we make time … chew on things for awhile … and then stand up—or sit down in a comfortable chair—and Express.

I don’t mean by hopping on Facebook. I mean actively taking the time to talk, tell, dialogue.

Dialoguing: I’m a great advocate for this, being a personal historian; it’s the bedrock of what I do. Much of my dialoguing is done face to face, and often I don’t talk much. I’m there to hear, record, and preserve stories. In a slow, settled, and relaxed mode. All the time in the world.

You can’t, and shouldn’t, rush this stuff. There is a really, truly, biochemical reason: The brain comes alive when you remember and relate!

When the story-teller takes time to tell a tale, prompted and encouraged by the story-listener, an amazing thing happens. The neurons in the brain start dancing. The synapses start snapping, the connections start sparking. And the more teller TELLS, the more s/he REMEMBERS. It’s a beautiful thing for both parties, and the brain absolutely loves it.

It’s transformative. People come alive. I’ve watched it happen and it’s truly miraculous.

And if, during this amazing activity, you capture that story … personal history is created.

It’s said that “personal history is like “chocolate for the brain.” Yes. Smooth, deeply delicious … leaving you craving another delightful bite. Go ahead, indulge!

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