Want to start one? Need to finish one? I can help.

I’m Katie Murphy, a personal historian. I help people preserve their family stories and histories.

Most people come to me feeling worried and overwhelmed, with stories and memories they’d love to capture.

Photos, scrapbooks and papers have piled up. They’ve tried to write some things down . . . but it’s been a few years. It’s hard to know where to begin.

Solution: team up with me. Together we’ll establish a goal, and a plan.

The end product:

  • Interviews — completed and transcribed.
  • A collection of scanned family photos. A book of family stories and images.
  • A collaborative plan created, with DIY goals and check-ins.
  • Stories you’ve written as part of a small writing group … stories you’ve finally “gotten down.”

A project completed. Personal history preserved.