Personal History

Have you been thinking about your family’s stories?

Maybe something has happened in your life. You just had a big birthday. Or a family reunion is coming up. You’re moving. Someone you love has died. One of the kids interviewed you for a school project. You found a photo album or an envelope of old letters.

Life is changing. Life is going by too fast. And you’re worried.

As time marches on, family stories fall by the wayside. They’re mis-remembered, or forgotten entirely. Names melt away; important places get jumbled up. Stories, including your own, will disappear—forgotten by you, and by others in the family. You’ve seen it happen already.

But instead of despairing, resolve to finally DO something about it. 

Become a life-saver, a story-saver, with a personal history project. I’ll help you plan it, gather material, and create a beautiful result. Together, we’ll make it happen.

My bottom line advice? Please don’t wait.  These memories are too precious. And there’s a big bonus: you’d find great relief in “getting it down.” Contact me to learn more.

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