Audio Memoirs

“The voice is the thing. A loved one’s voice captures their essence; hearing their voice is like having them in the room with you.” —Lili Shank

Sit back and tell me your story. I’ll record it, and take it from there.

I usually conduct interviews in a series: one to four sessions. The focus is on you, with minimal input from me. I believe it’s very important to honor your memories by giving them time, space, and comfort, so I’ll come to interview you where and when you feel most at home. These interviews are fun—and how the memories flow, once you get started!

The sound of your voice is a profound and beautiful keepsake that will last for generations.

• Audio Memoir, Edited: A memoir in your own words, composed of your interviews, edited in chapters. Presented in CD format, packaged with a short biographical sheet and timeline of your life.  See several examples HERE.

• Audio Memoir, Unedited: Your unedited interviews, presented in CD format. A great option if you’re on a budget.  

Questions? Contact me.