Personal History projects are big and small, budget-priced, or more extensive … and therefore, more expensive! Contact me so I can help you with an estimate.

In many cases, a project starts with a series of interviews. For some, those audio memoirs, unedited, are enough. The next step might be to have those recordings polished up with some editing.

You could go further by having me turn your words into a beautiful book that features photos, stories, and history.

For a shorter project, a legacy letter may be your choice.

Each project is unique, often depending on material that you may already have at hand. Here are examples of smaller projects:

• You’ve already written your history and want it well-designed in book form, with a beautiful cover.

• You want family letters or documents transcribed.

• You’d like a batch of family photos—or one special photo—scanned, adjusted, and repaired.

• You have audio tapes that you’d like transferred to a different format and/or edited.

• You’re in the midst of a project and feeling overwhelmed, or stuck. Definitely contact me on this one—I’d be delighted to get you back on track. Personal history should be fun and meaningful, not a chore! 

And are you more of a do-it-yourself type? I offer workshops in two unique aspects of personal history: Guided Autobiography and Write Your Own Obituary.