It’s been a honor to have worked with many people who have created living legacies for their families. And it goes both ways—I’ve gained as much from their projects as they’ve gained from creating their own living legacies. Let me know how I can help with yours.


“I’ve worked with Katie on three personal history books. On each project, she guided me through the process, from early drafts to final printing, with skill and enthusiasm. She is wonderful to collaborate with. Katie brings creativity, a passion for history and terrific editorial judgement to the process. I am immensely pleased with the three books she helped me create.” 

• • •

“I grew up hearing many of my parents’ stories—about growing up during the later years of the Depression, and especially about my father’s time in the Pacific during WWII. But it was all a bit like seeing an extended trailer as opposed to the whole movie. With their audio memoirs, I now finally understand how the pieces all fit together!”

• • •

“Katie worked many, many, many hours interviewing, researching, compiling, and organizing my mother’s stories into a compelling and comprehensive history of our family. Reading through it, you clearly hear Mom’s voice as she shares meaningful moments and reflections from her early childhood up to the present. Watching the way it has been received, I know it will be treasured. Our family members, distant and close, now each have their own story-map of where they come from and who they are in the world. Priceless!”

• • •

“My parents had a milestone anniversary coming up that warranted significant recognition. I’m sure a big party would have been great, but the idea of Katie creating a book of their life history really resonated with me and seemed like a more valuable investment than a fleeting party.

It’s been several years since we’ve had our book and I can’t tell you how much this book has meant to me and my family. My father has since passed away and without this book, the history Katie uncovered would have passed with him.

We ordered a good amount of books originally and have had to re-order because of the incredible response and demand from extended family.  Who knew?!

If you’re considering this experience or are hesitating, please know that this kind of a project is invaluable at any cost. The decision to do this has been one of the best ones I have ever made. Bar none.”