Guided Autobiography

Write your life story—two pages at a time.

Have you tried autobiographical writing, only to get overwhelmed? The unfinished work floats around your desk, on your computer, gets lost in a drawer of papers. You keep meaning to get back to it, but you never do.

How about pushing it forward—with the support and encouragement of others?

In my Guided Autobiography class, you’ll write six to eight short but meaningful stories about your life, each on a different theme. You’ll receive support, structure, and encouragement in the safety of a small group. You’ll explore themes and be asked questions that will “prime the pump” to summon up memories of events that you may think you’ve forgotten, but in the process of remembering, come back in vivid detail.

Writing tips are offered, but it’s not a creative writing class. It’s about sharing stories, and revisiting episodes in your your life. Thinking back helps you move forward. Amazing and true.

This multi-session class uses the well-tested Guided Autobiography model taught by the Birren Center for Autobiographical Studies, where I trained as an instructor.

Guided Autobiography is fun, supportive, and surprisingly powerful! Classes are forming now; please contact me for more information.


• Saturday, March 21, 2020: “Guided Autobiography” through Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Southern Maine. Find out more here. A one-day workshop! We’ll start off with an introduction to writing your life story, two pages at a time … and you’ll get the chance to try it out in this all day session. You’ll go home with several of your own stories … and with a new passion for “getting it down.”

Please bring a notebook and pen/pencil, tablet, or laptop.